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CZECANCA consortium associates diagnostic and research laboratories that use CZECANCA panel for diagnostics of high-risk cancer patients.

The consortium aims:

  • Data sharing for the development of anonymized database of genotypes and phenotypes in high-risk individuals and non-cancer controls analyzed by the CZECANCA panel,

  • Functional characterization of selected VUS variants,

  • Organization of regular workshops aiming at a unified interpretation of genotypes in Czech patients,

  • Co-ordination of activities in international consortia (ENIGMA, CIMBA, BCAC, OCAC, ECAC).

Participating laboratories:  Contacts (activities):
001 First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University and General University Hospital in Prague
002 Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute (MMCI) in Brno
  • Eva Macháčková (aboratory and data analysis, variant consensus)
  • Lenka Foretová (genetic counseling, criteria adjustment)
003 AGEL laboratories
008 GHC Genetics, s.r.o.
009 Faculty Hospital in Pilsen
  • Monika Černá (laboratory and data analysis)
  • Ivan Šubrt (clinical genetics)
011 Pronatal
012 Faculty Hospital in Olomouc
013 Hospital České Budějovice
  • Miroslav Fišer (laboratory and data analysis)
Other collaborators: Contact (activities):
Laboratory of Cancer Cell Biology, IMG Czech Academy of Sciences
  • Libor Macůrek (functional analyses in vitro)
Department of Pediatrics and Inherited Metabolic Disorders (KPDPM)
  • Viktor Stránecký (bioinformatics, databases)
  • Petr Nehasil (bioinformatics, databases, web)

CZECANCA users’ workshops:

The workshops serve for regular exchange of users’ experiences with panel analysis, bioinformatics, and clinical interpretation of genetic variants. The workshops become an important platform for laboratory workers, bioinformaticians, clinical geneticists, and oncologists to unify/update national guidelines for germline genetic testing of cancer predisposition and to unify/discuss further development of care of mutation carriers in Czechia. Many activities exceeding the scope of germline genetic testing are realized in cooperation with other healthcare professionals as well as with national healthcare professional societies including the Czech Society for Medical Genetics and Genomics and Czech Society for Oncology

11. workshop (11. workshop (2023-02-14; Praha, 1. LF UK)

10. workshop (2022-05-17; České Budějovice, National conference of DNA diagnostics)

9. e-workshop (2021-11-30; on-line)

8. workshop (2021-06-09; Praha, 1. LF UK)

7. e-workshop (2020-11-10; on-line)

6. workshop (2019-12-12; Praha, IMG CAS)

5. workshop (2019-05-23; Plzeň, FN Plzeň)

4. workshop (2018-10-18; Ostrava, AGEL)

3. workshop (2018-02-13; Praha, 1. LF UK)

2. workshop (2017-05-15; Praha, GENNET)

1. workshop (2016-09-19; Brno, MMCI)